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ABOUT When I was 20...


A Summer School by Escape Theatre






A Summer School took place from 8th July – 12th July 2013 at The Media Factory at Uclan, Preston.

Escape Theatre collaborated with 14 participants, who took part in a series of workshops and explorations around the theme of looking back over the past decade and of the years between 20-30.

The participants ranged in age from 19-47.  They had to imagine/remember being 20.  


Participants had the opportunity to create and share material,

learn new performance processes and engage with the performance provocations.

Workshops ranged from exploring existing and self-generated text,

movement based activities and working with objects and materials.


Escape Theatre are interested in working with and helping to support artists who already have their own practice and are looking to share and/or develop ideas.

There was a performance outcome on Friday 12th July and a version of this will be recreated again by 4 of the particpants in September 2013.  Escape Theatre have used this opportunity to generate performance material for their new studio based performance, HAY!, of which a work-in-progress will be shown in Spring 2014.

Having spent the past 5 years pursuing solo projects, Escape Theatre are excited to be back in the space together.

ABOUT When I Was 20…

When I was 20, it was 2003, I had just experienced death for the first time and was one year away from falling in love…

Each performer in Escape Theatre has now turned 30; we want to try to remember the past 10 years.

Based upon real and fictional stories, half-remembered occasions, projections of where we thought we’d be and an investigation into where we came from, When I Was 20… explores the notions of autobiography, identity, memory and communication.

Using letters, diaries and news events, the Summer School attempted to map out the past decade and will imagine the decade to come.

When I Was 20… questions the passing of time and how events are remembered or documented.

We want to know where you were in 2003 and where you’ll be in 2023.

We want to know what’s changed and what has been learnt.


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