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Making A Big Deal

Where you gonna run to...
Making A Big Deal
A solo devised performance
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster
Source Cafe, Carlisle
Leeds Met Studio, Leeds
Alsager Arts Centre, Crewe
Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
greenroom, Manchester


It’s the thrill of the game, the glory and the pain, just one more spin of the roulette wheel…next time I’ll win it all back, I’ll win big…

Based on her love of roulette, Krissi dons the wig of Crystal Wineglass to spin the wheel live on stage as a mode of guiding her stories of loss and failure. The piece fuses together images of popular culture with personal reflections as Crystal gambles her way out of car crashes and God's wrath in an attempt to hide and reach her lucky number.

Crystal Wineglass has got this friend, who’s got a friend, whose creative energy has been abused, whose soul has drowned in cheap plonk and the Blues.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Queens and Queens, place your bets:
Will the show go on? How much are you willing to gamble?
Maybe you’ll be screaming out for more. Maybe you’ll be running for the door…
An all singing, all dancing, all gambling Crap Cabaret!


Part confessional, part gin fuelled, all singing, all dancing crap cabaret.  Self confessed gambling enthusiast Crystal Wineglass tells tall tales of Las Vegas, casinos & Rihanna.    


Making A Big Deal is inspired by Jonny Cash, Nina Simone & Fatboy Slim.

Having devised and performed with Escape Theatre, Krissi is stepping onto the big stage alone in an attempt to explore solo performance and her identity as a performer.

Krissi’s performance material is created from autobiographical experiences.  (All those hours spent losing have finally come to some use...)


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