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Krissi Musiol

Krissi Musiol is a North-West based solo contemporary performance maker, writer and performer.  


Since 2004, Krissi Musiol has been developing her own unique performance style, incorporating culture and identity, fusing together poetry and found materials, autobiographical experiences as well as themes of gambling (she's very unlucky), dancing (she can't dance) and cake!

Krissi graduated from Manchester University with an MA (Distinction) in Theatre Studies (2007) and Lancaster University with a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies (2004).  Krissi currently lectures in Contemporary Theatre & Performance at UCLan. 

Click here for information about workshops with Krissi.  


Krissi is currently exploring motherhood, the maternal body as archive, labour (birth) and labour (work).  She began creating this current project in 2017 on maternity leave and has been developing it and exploring different expressions of the research and performance material.  Areas of interest have included exhaustion, recovery of body and mind, postpartum motivation, motherhood and time,  motherhood and storytelling, motherhood and shared experience. 


Previous practice focuses on cultural identity and autobiographical experiences.  Outcomes are usually black box studio based live solo performances, but Krissi has also worked in galleries and presented one-to-one encounters at festivals.  She is based in Manchester and Preston.


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