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Making time for all the things we want to do...


Make something happen in 1 year or 10. 

A one-to-one piece about living, about doing, about not putting off tomorrow.

About making time for all the things we want to do.


I’m delivering to you your dedication. 

I will do my best to ensure it reaches you on time and in one piece. 



A one-to-one performance at a table.  Participants are invited to spend 6 minutes sitting at the table, where Krissi recounts a list of things she’s going to do tomorrow – from the domestic, to achievable goals, to the fantastical.  Krissi then invites the participant to write a postcard to their future self, outlining one aim they hope to achieve.  They have a choice of making this dedication to themself in 1 years’ time or 10 years’ time.  Krissi will then send the postcard back to the participant in either 1 or 10 years’ time*.


*It is likely that in 10 years’ time, the participant will no longer be at that address.  I like the idea of people’s dedications being received & read by anonymous people, but there is an option to track your delivery and change the address via my website.


Those dedications which are considered private will be placed into an envelope.  Those dedications considered to be public by the participant will be pegged to a line of string, creating an installation until after the festival, when they will be returned to the envelope.  The envelopes are marked with the date and archived until they are sent out.



If you have experienced Making Time with Krissi,

click here to track your delivery.




Background to the piece:


This one-to-one fits into a wider research project entitled ‘When I Was 20…’ which is an exploration of the last 10 years by my company Escape Theatre.  –It is an attempt to remember everything that has happened personally and politically over the last 10 years, exploring identity, autobiography and memory.  The provocation for this project was turning 30 and also making performance-works for 10 years.  The company hosted a Summer School to generate, share and test out material with other artists, and rehearsals for this studio piece, HAY!, will start in Spring 2014.


The one-to-one performance and installation is a look forward to the next 10 years and what it may hold personally and more widely.


I’ve been thinking about the past 10 years, about what I’ve achieved, about the person I’ve become.  It makes me think about tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year and the next 10; about what the future holds, about who I am and who I will become.  This is an exploration into living, into doing, into uncovering what is important and significant.  I want to know where you think you’ll be in 2023. 


Read about Making Time at Hatch: A Better Tomorrow at Embrace Arts Leicester here.   



Making Time out & about:


  • 17.09.16 Cloud9 Festival, Camden, London.

  • 11.10.14 & 12.10.14 Wrought Festival, Sheffield

  • 04.10.14 Emergency Festival, Manchester (2.30-5.30pm)

  • 17.07.14 & 19.07.14 Harris Museum Preston (12-3pm)

  • 04.07.14 Korova-Klectic, Korova Arts Cafe, 15-16 Wilfrid Street, Preston (7-11pm)

  • 02.07.14 Mystery Tea House, 23 Cannon Street, Preston (12-3pm)

  • 19.06.14 The Museum of Lancashire, Preston (11.30-2.30pm)

  • 18.06.14 Bruccianis Cafe, 91c Fishergate, Preston (12.3pm)

  • 29.03.14 Derelict14 Forensic, UCLan Preston

  • 21.03.14 SPRINT One-On-One Night, Camden People's Theatre London

  • 22.02.14 LEAP: Encounters, Yard Cafe Lancaster

  • 13.10.13 Hatch: A Better Tomorrow, Embrace Arts Leicester

Making Time

A one-to-one performance and installation


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