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The girl can’t dance.
She can’t waltz, she can’t salsa, she can’t do a pirouette...
A solo devised performance
Works Ahead, Contact Theatre (Manchester) 2012
Warrington Live Art Festival 2011
Emergency Festival  (Manchester) 2011


The girl can’t dance.
She can’t waltz, she can’t salsa, she can’t do a pirouette.
But the girl can try.
If only the girl could dance, then maybe things would be better.
(I shouldn’t really be moving around like this. I’m not very good at it. This is not what I do.)

Blue enters the space in the girl’s chest where her heart used to be.
Blue enters the space and time slows down.
She can’t begin to tell you where it all started to go wrong, but wrong it definitely went.


Based upon Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, Blue is a devised performance exploring the idea of being lost, of compiling lists and reflecting on all the things you haven’t yet done.


Blue is a strategy for survival,

it’s drowning in whiskey,

it’s finding someone to dance with,

it’s imagining what it would be like to no longer exist.  

It starts with a postcard and ends with a dance.


The performance runs for 45 minutes and is in 4 parts:


Part 1 – Something Old

Part 2 – Something New

Part 3 – Something Borrowed

Part 4 – Something Blue


Alongside The Glass Menagerie, the piece is also inspired by Joni Mitchell’s album Blue, as well as a continuation of visual and thematic concerns from Krissi’s previous solo performance Sugar Statues, which was performed in a wedding dress.  Here, Krissi sheds the wedding dress and questions the conventions 20-30 year old women feel they have to follow.      


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