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0.079 Per Hour

He just closed his eyes and disappeared...
0.079 Per Hour
Method Lab 2006
Emergency 2005
Worker's Memorial
Hazard Festival


Please note that rule breakers will not be tolerated.

Running; smoking; laughing; standing on chairs; spitting; sleeping; whistling; diving; swearing; speeding; nose picking are strictly prohibited.

The paper work is distributed for your benefit, please read carefully and sign on the dotted line.

Whilst building a paper cup city, Escape Theatre are learning and understanding about the deaths of over a hundred people. Searching through endless paper cuttings, reports and documents, they feel as though they are reading the same story over and over again - people who have died in the work place.  As they wade their way through, they wonder whether maybe they too have died somewhere along the working day.  They want to find a way to tell this story, to attempt to find those who are missing.


George, you were working on a machine called The Crumber .  It was re-wired so that more plastics could be fed in at a faster rate.  You fell in and your colleagues saw your limbs rotating round and round inside but The Crumber took a full minute to stop. 

Hannah, you died from taking an overdose, suffering from depression severely increased by bulling and stress in the workplace.  You died on Boxing Day

Benjamin, you got your overalls caught in a machine in Oldham.

Steven, you were aged 40 when you died from stab injuries on routine police investigation in Greater Manchester.

Annonymous, working in Morecambe, near freezing conditions.  No special work equipment provided.  Bodies found naked.

Stephen, you were working 3 floors up on the prestigious Canary Wharf Estate in London.  You stepped on some rotten timbre.  The timbre snapped Steve, and you just closed your eyes and disappeared.



This performance project responded to the idea of dying in a work place identity, responses to the mundance routine of everyday work, the risks to human life, ranging from the common daily hazards to the more obscure and horrific dangers that can be dismissed by both employer and employee as well as our own experiences of the world of work.

Arts Council England Funded, 0.079 Per Hour explored the notion of death in the work place. In collaboration with Greater Manchester Hazards Centre, the piece was performed at Workers' Memorial Day and Hazards Conferences to reach a new audience.

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