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Jenny & Krissi's Cake Show

Que Sera Sera...
Jenny & Krissi's Cake Show

Fresh Festival, Bracknell 2007
NuffSaid II, Lancaster 2006
Emergency 2006


We bake to be good girls.  We bake to remember our mothers, and their mothers.  We bake for specific occasions; to give a piece of ourselves as a gift.  We bake for a distraction.  We bake for pure indulgence.



This piece was inspired by a genuine love to bake, exploring the action of baking, creating memories out of cake and presenting the beautiful and ruined creations.


Jenny & Krissi invite you into their kitchen, where they will bake your memories, stories and disasters.  You are welcome to watch, mix, blend and fold with us....and we might even let you lick the cake bowl!


Audiences are welcome to participate or just quietly marvel in our cake baking marathon!  After the attempt to recreate their (and hopefuly your) cake memories, they will parade the results in a cake showcase and hold a cake carnage wake for the failed creations - those burnt, dropped and lost along the way. 


We wish the audience to share firstly in a ‘private’ experience of the baking process and combine that with a ‘public’ presentation of cakes in their finished state.  By delving inside the cakes we want to delve into shared ingredients of the memories, thoughts and feelings that go into the act and experience of cakes.


This project incorporates research into different recipes, specific to generations, family traditions, cultures, current trends and both personal and published baking books.  We wish to explore our individual ‘family trees’ of baking, to see how we have arrived at our current knowledge of baking and its practice.  What baking traditions have already been ingrained into our history, and more specifically ‘performed’ through the baking of personal recipes?  




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