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Sugar Statues

We lost entire cities, we mourned the end of Autumn...
Sugar Statues
A solo devised performance
New Art Exchange, Nottingham 2011
Hatch/NEAT, Nottingham 2011
Greenroom, Manchester 2010
UCLAN, 2010
Sunday Lunch Club, Bluecoat Liverpool 2009
Lancaster Storey 2009


250,000 coffees ago, whilst Poland was tearing herself apart in the war,

my grandfather unknowingly tore my heart in two.
His son, my father, pasted together the cracks with sugar.
We argued over language, we denied whole books, we lost entire cities,

we mourned the end of autumn.

Based upon a journey around Europe, Sugar Statues explores the notions of autobiography, culture, identity and cake.
Sugar Statues interweaves fictional and factual stories, illustrated with sugar to provide an insight into the roots of a Polish family tree.
From horrific tales of the persecution of the Poles to her grandfather’s amazing Polish cake to burnt letters to rotten wedding dress, Sugar Statues is an intimate, touching tale of loss and survival.


The 45 minute performance interweaves Polish text and song.



Krissi's second solo outing, supported by Arts Council England, was developed during Proto-Type Theatre’s Summer School 2009 and incorporates text by Jonathan Safran Foer.

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