An interactive installation using the seeds, fruit & vegetables which represent the growing foetus.  The items are used by the participants to create

at home exercises. 

(I don't have any kettle bells at home but I always have pineapples).

The exercises are interrupted by a timer announcing a contraction.  This action is a blindfolded walk (40 paces each way) whilst carrying a watermelon (40 week foetus) to symbolise the pacing in labour.     

As the installation progresses, the timings between the contractions become shorter and the pacing becomes longer.

Anyone who identifies as a mother is invited to join in the contraction walk with a watermelon.


It's just you & me & the watermelon.  I cannot sleep.  I’m pacing.  My body unravels.  I’m up all night.  I’m trying to relax.

Pacing around.  Cucumbers over eyes.  I’m asleep and awake.

Pacing around at the After Party.  We were all carried into the world.  Eye-mask resting on frozen peas.  I'm unwinding.

It's 5am, it's unplug the toaster and plug in the disco lights, it's faithless.  It's time to get down.

And I'm here. I'm always here.  I can't sleep.  I'm faithless.

It's just you & me & the watermelon.  Don’t forget to breathe.


Somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow.  It's time we were asleep.  There's a mirrorball in place of the moon.  A dark room.

Don't drop the watermelon Don't drop the watermelon Don't drop the watermelon Don't drop the watermelon Don't drop the